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Parlay Calculator

Enter the moneyline cost, you don’t need to enter the + sign on underdogs. ( Enter favorite prices together with the minus sign Example -110 )
Enter the bet amount.
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Parlay Calculator Guide
Gamblers don’t care how a Parlay Calculator functions.
But not you.
You’re far better than many!
On this page you’ll learn the way the parlay calculator functions and distinct approaches for improving your gambling abilities. Here is the strategy:
How can be a parlay calculated.
Why should I care?
What is a Parlay Bet?
Parlay Odds Table.
Getting Started with Parlay Tips
How is a Parlay Calculated?
Lets begin with the math.
The parlay formulation is straight forward. You multiply the bet amount together with the decimal odds for every team/fighter then subtract the wager amount.
Parlay Calculation Formula
Edson Barboza in 1.60
Israel Adesanya in 2.90
Max Holloway in 1.40
($100 * 1.6 * 2.9 * 1.4) – $100 = $550
For many people in the US, it’s somewhat more complicated because we don’t see decimal odds very often. We need to convert the money line odds to decimal odds then plug them in to our semi automatic formula.